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May 2022

The difference between Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, and Conflict Transformation as approaches
There are so many current events that are engaging us in difficult conversations across political, social, and experiential differences. Whether that’s…

April 2022

real talk
And a TJ approach to Will Smith & the NY Subway Shooter
Conflict often puts us in a position where we have to choose whether or not to share something we’ve protected—to be vulnerable. Should I expose my…

March 2022

A process for getting unstuck
And the Conflicts We'll Face

February 2022

It's a long one.
Keeping it light this week!
In the courses I teach about conflict, people show up with a lot of grief and hopelessness about conflict in their lives. The people who show up to…

January 2022

As far as I’m aware, we have mostly thought about and engaged with conflict as beginning at its spark point, the point in a conflict when intensity…